Beyond Freewheeling

Glad to see this promotional video for Hinoemata and the amazing Oze area getting some airtime. Looking forward to introducing more small towns and countryside places in Japan.

Freewheeling featured on CNN

Freewheeling was featured in the article “Beginner’s guide to Tokyo: 5 insiders share their advice”. You can read it here

Freewheeling Trailer

Freewheeling Video

Freewheeling featured on CNN

Sk8 with Brad

Tokyo Cruising – Neil Vlog 2016.6.17

Many Rivers to Cross

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We are featured in Metropolis Japan.
You can read the whole article here.

Setagaya Boroichi Festival with Freewheeling Japan

A short video created by the Cycling Embassy of Japan showing our trip to the annual Boroichi Festival.

For more information about the Cycling Embassy of Japan click here.