Celebrating human power and introducing the quiet backstreets, beautiful parks and unique culture of Tokyo not found on tourist maps. Freewheeling was started as a way to help energetic people who appreciate the environment get more out of their experience when staying in Tokyo. We’ve made Tokyo our home for more than 20 years and it's our pleasure to get out on the bikes and share some of our favorite places with you.
観光マップではみつけることのできない裏道やきれいな公園、そして東京のユニークな文化を自転車(ヒューマンパワー)でご紹介します。 FREEWHEELINGは、東京に滞在している人たちへ、環境に配慮した自転車で出かける素晴らしい経験をしてもらいたいという考えから始まりました。 私たちの20年以上の東京在住経験を活かして、みなさんを自転車に乗って私たちのお気に入りの場所へとお連れいたします。



Firefly Ride 2018

The Illumination Ride of the Year!!!

Light up the night with your creative bicycle creations. The annual event will take place a little later this year in October.

October 13th

More info at firefly.cycling-embassy.jp


Knights in White Lycra - Charity Event - FREE BERN HELMETS

Friends and family of the KIWL can enjoy a free helmet from BERN.

Sunday, September. 9th

At "Studio C" From 13:00 - 17:00
First Come, First Served


Steal Your Face Bern Event

with our friends at

SOGO Fitness

We trade you a new BERN Action Sports Helmet for a shot of you wearing your new lid. (sunglasses okay!) we are not posting names.

Sunday, September. 2nd

At "Studio C" From 13:00 - 16:00
First Come, First Served







CNN Travel

Freewheeling was featured in the article "Beginner's guide to Tokyo: 5 insiders share their advice". You can read it here


Chicken or Pasta Blog

Last summer we had the chance to meet the wonderful Ola and Lalai Persson from the travel and music blog Chicken or Pasta.

They have a great post about Freewheeling up on their website, you can read it here in Portuguese.

Photo: Ola Persson



Visit the website or check it on the Airbnb app.

Biking Hidden Tokyo
Sunset Bike Ride


Fantastic day out with Brad exploring the back streets and river paths of Tokyo. Such a great way to experience this city! Highly recommend Freewheeling Japan for tourists and residents alike to get off the beaten path and explore some hidden gems.
- Lisa Moore ★★★★★

Great Memories are priceless, and Brad makes them happen with ease and grace. I would recommend Freewheeling Japan to anyone who enjoys having a good time while in Tokyo.
- James Wolf ★★★★★

Un très bon plan pour découvrir les rues commerçantes de tokyo et les temples à l'écart du centre ville très touristique, Brad aime ce qu'il fait, il vous fera découvrir les meilleurs restaurants de spécialités locales! Une agréable journée en velo en perspective.
- Jean-Marc Vendetti ★★★★★

From the moment he picked me up on a tandem bike outside of Shinjuku station, I knew that this would be a different kind of bike adventure, Boy, was I right. Brad embodies the phrase 'good vibes' more than anyone I've ever met in my life and being led by him around the west side of Tokyo, through lesser known shrines and along waterways, made me feel like I was inside of a Miyazaki film. It was certainly an experience I won't soon forget.
- Anthony Marinos

We have done several events with Brad. Whether it be biking, hiking or kayaking, Brad brings an amazing amount of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to everything that we did. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone interested in experiencing all the outdoor wonders that Japan has to offer.
- Jim Small, Boy Scout leader ★★★★★

Brad has led our Boy Scout and Venturing Crew group of approximately 20 people from ages 12 through 50 on three outstanding adventures: cycling, kayaking, and hiking. His knowledge of great outdoor locations and his smooth logistics around rental equipment, overnight camping options, and meals made all three trips easy and fun. Brad's ability to keep such a wide range of people of different ages and abilities safe and on-time from our starting points to our end destinations makes him our go-to outdoor professional. He is a teacher at heart and a great mentor to our sons and daughters.
- Mark Burpee ★★★★★

Hiking and cycling with Brad is more than escaping the hustle and bustle of city life but restoring body, breath and mind while connecting with other like-minded folks in search of serenity and fresh air. A day trip Freewheeling gives you momentum and equilibrium to see others and your environment with fresh perspective once you are back on your business grind.
- Damion Roberts ★★★★☆